Sunday, April 15, 2007

Tax Policy

This Associated Press article amplifies the current discrimination practiced by Taxpayers against Taxpayers. Commercial Airline Ticket prices include high Tax, sometimes one-quarter of the total, and vast sums of those tax revenues go to the upgrading of Air facilities mainly used by Personal aircraft. Those utilizing the upgraded facilities want Ticket Buyers to keep footing the bill as is natural, while Commercial Airline Trade Groups want a switch to a heavy fuel tax, which they can pass on to Ticket Buyers; coincidently, costing the Private plane industry a much higher rate of Tax, said revenues helping to hide the passage of tax forward unto the Ticket Buyers. Why is it that Customer advantage always seems to be factored out?

Adequate Carbon sequestration requires regulatory as well as Tax placement alterations. A good regulatory law would decree than Prop planes could not rise without Four individuals onboard, unless it constitutes Freight haulage, or Crop spraying. No Jet can fly unless there were at least Twelve individuals onboard, canceling luxury flights from Business flights. The use of Carbon fuel in each endeavor suggests this would be the best course, especially if backed by a Percentage fuel tax in excess of 20% of Fuel Cost. Airport Lighting and Air Traffic Control should also be prohibited under Conditions where less than Three flights are scheduled to utilize the Airport. All planes under such Conditions should be diverted to more heavily-used Air fields. This cuts the portrayed national need for All-Weather, All-Times upgrading of Air facilities.

The ‘Pump the Masses for Taxes’ attitude so typifying the Bush administration will soon come up against severe obstacles. No Conservative ever mentions that the Bush Tax Cuts really served only the Wealthy, as Bush Grant Cuts to States insured replacement taxes imposed at the State and Local level; no Economist has ever done an effective Study of the effect which I know of, but I guess-estimate that Households had to make around $85000 per year to find any Gain from the Bush Tax Cuts with the increased State and Local taxes. Airline Ticket taxes are simply another proof that this Administration thinks that the Poor should pay the Taxes. A check of the direction of Government Expenditures also indicate that the Bush administration believes it is the duty of the Poor to make the Rich richer. lgl

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