Monday, December 08, 2008

An Acre on the Moon?

I have not blogged for three days, and feel no great interest in doing so now; nothing is so corrosive as a bad Cold afflicting the Soul. The Numbers appear bad everywhere, and I hate picking over Numbers in the first place; made worse by a tendency to impact worse than the traditional bad. Stephen Gordon actually found a new Canadian blog dealing with Economics, though I ask myself why Anyone would start such a Downer with the onset of the cabin-bound Winter? I cannot see much Salvation coming from Anyone dedicated to such a Crucifixation complex.

I suppose Now is the Time to inform Readers that I will be leaving in a couple weeks for a month of the Fun in the Sun; I would claim that I will lack the broadcast facilities at that Time, but I possess a Brother-in-law with full capacity. I will simply revert to the Time-honored: I most certainly can tell a Lie; and if I tell enough of them, no one will want to read what I say anyway. Stephan Gordon worries that the Canadians are getting insufficient absolute garbage from their American Cousins, so they need some of their own to pollute the environment in great clumps of noxious gasses. Paul Krugman is trying to spread his Hopes and Aspirations to Europe, and in the Process, collect his Prize. We are Not at that Time where Economists will eventually pick the right Topic, and find some value in developing it.

Every once in a while I get to read something on backwardation "that’s right, don’t ask me!" I always imagine it a article will start with a Come-One, like: "A Market finally developed for such and such item, where Buyer found Seller, and both deemed established Sale price acceptable to produce the Market." I have been declared persona non whatever far too often, especially in my anger at the entire World for my Cold; all criteria should be adjudged suspect, when I want to Shoot both my Bookie and my Banker as the same Time. Leaving off any rendition of potential venues of revenue for myself, I should be going somewhere interesting; of course, I have always liked Arizona. lgl

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