Monday, September 07, 2009

The real Job loss

I started out reading this article feeling somewhat outraged, but ended feeling only sadness. Jeffrey Tucker blames Government for the loss of effective Jobs, when Government is also the victim. Technology stands as the actual Oppressor, pushing Productivity so far ahead that reduced numbers of labor can produce more than sufficiently for Demand. It actually creates a surplus of Product, which lack Sale because of the absence of Wages to pay for the Price of that Product. Government actually attempts solely maintain the condition that people who do work possess the Wage capital capable of purchase of the Product. Most of the rest of Jeffrey’s claims are correct, which brought on the sadness within.

What really bothers me is the fact that another decade will bring a reversal of the trend. Skilled Labor is going to become more important with each year past 2015, and stay that way for some 30 years. There are simply not going the physical hands to do all that need be done within the economy at that time. The real problem will actually be that what hands are there will be insufficiently trained and experienced to serve adequately. Our educational system fails of performance, and it is not really their fault. Educational facilities would like to expand, yet they can find no one with the capacity willing to fund that expansion. What can be done is unknown, but Someone should come up with Solutions soon.

I often like to think of the United States as being in the same spot as the Roman Empire in the 4th Century AD. We possess a superior civilization and technology, but too Few engaged in the perpetuation of that civilization. Huge Monuments were being created in the Roman world, but at huge Cost, and only by a minute segment of the total Labor Force. Romans became used to the amenities of City life, and avoided the rigors of more adventurous life, so the Empire collapsed internally. The periphery held longer than the center, but only because the robust elements of the Empire traveled to the fringe of the Empire to acquire wealth and reward. The United States needs a new Goal beyond the gratification of their own desires, and will likely find nothing. I seriously think We are in the Decline stage of civilization. lgl

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