Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Topics of Discussion

This might sound like good News, but is it? I have yet to see data on project assignment where Temporary Employment has replacement rates to Permanent Hires. I know that project assignments, or Temps, have been increasing against Permanent Hires, though no one is putting out any significant information. I believe this is the most pertinent element of the Employment situation, and that small firms have the more stable platform for long-term employment. Failure to examine these trends closely will probably bite us eventually, as Skilled Labor drifts towards small firms; who are more understanding units in that labor policy of the firm has a face. Large firms will likely find an inability to develop native skilled labor, and due to the job requirements, imported labor will be ineffective because of cultural and language barriers. This remains a field of Study for young graduate students.

One can talk about great men, and in the discussion, learn a great deal. I cannot remember Where, or in what context, Paul Samuelson made this comment: "In actuality, modern Man pays a great deal of Money to be a Fool". I don’t know whether that explains anything about the Man, but that seemed appropriate after reading this Krugman Post. I have often thought that the Words reserved for private contemplation should have Public expression, simply to explain the level of competency of the Speaker. It contains the inbred feelings behind all ideation, and reserves ability to define the Individual; remember the Bush/Chaney open-Mike discussion of a Reporter in the first of their Presidential bids? We might have saved much Wealth and Heartache if We had evaluated the two men then, rather than after 8 years of toil. Paul Samuelson, on the other hand, should have been more recognized for his decades of real labor in the interest of all humanity.

Somewhere there is a connection between the Goldman Case and the above information. You play the Game, you finally must carry the Name. The mafia only wished they had the Earning capacity in their own lines of endeavor. Investment banks, through Crisis, Recession, and Bad Times, always manages to pound out the bonuses for their Executives; if I were a Prosecutor, I would claim to an identity between investment banking and Pyramid Schemes. I would call it all the Chain Letter for the Millionaires. There is a similarity, knowing that the Authors of these CDSs make millions, while the Wannabee gets the Shaft of that famous Gold Mine. We must move on soon, as the Recession will never disappear until We turn away from it. It is necessary to curtail the causes of it before We turn attention elsewhere, but it should be Short in duration, and Heavy in punishment. It is unlikely to be either; I will probably still be discussing This next year. lgl

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