Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I'm Back

The World is not ready for digital. Analog signals will be sent for a while rather than face the wrath of Households, what with the federal program being short of the Cash necessary to subsidize the Changeover. The issue has been long in development–and will be longer. I still wonder at the quality of TV service, as my own personal format seems overly defective under severe Weather conditions. Millions of Households will likely have to listen to the sirens again for serious Weather dangers, in that digital will be off the Air under the impact of Storms. This may be another Great Leap Backwards for Mankind.

I also find this Story a little hard to swallow. I was in Mesa as the Cardinals secured their position for the Super Bowl, and watched a TV station show multiple Jets setting on an airfield within a mile of the Stadium–with onboard systems running without Police supervision. The TV station wanted to criticize the lack of Security. I, on the other hand, thought of the hundreds of gallons of Avigas being burned, simply to grant the High Rollers a quick exit from Town. That situation leads Me to believe that the great loss of Revenue is overrated, especially as all the $3 million TV Time-spots have been sold. The Pro teams will probably be the next industry asking for Bailouts from the federal government.

I did enjoy my Vacation, and stayed away from the Papers and News channels. It is likely that I will have to play Catch-Up to hear what great disasters have befallen the Country; it singularly gratifying that no one can make it much worse than it already is of the economic front. Obama and Congress seem set to double the current year Spending of the federal government, simply to repay the Plungers who lost their shirts; a marked difference from true Capitalism where losers are left to live like Everyone else. lgl

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