Thursday, January 29, 2009

A lot of Junk

For want of a Nail, the Battle was lost! Are We in a like Scenario? Blackwater gets the Contracts solely because they do what it takes to protect the Package, even if it means spreading Blood over civilian streets. No one wants to work in Iraq if Terrorists are allowed to get close to themselves as they operate. Blackwater has even been known to threaten Iraqi soldiers if they bring weaponry in range; of course, Iraqi soldiers have also been known to be Terrorists who desire to kill Westerners. Now, a lack of Security precautions can only mean an increase of Terrorist incidents, and a reciprocal refusal of Westerners to place themselves at risk. Gone is Westerner aid to Iraq.

Wall Street wants to save the Bonuses, though the Profits upon which those Bonuses are supposed to be based are not there. There is great emphasis on retaining Employees, and how their Salaries are actually low. First, One has to ask the majority of American Labor if financial employees have low Salaries. Second, after the Mess which they created, One has to ask if the retention of these financial employees is so beneficial. As a Boss type, I would believe that it is time to cut Labor Costs overall under the current pattern of Losses, and that Dismissals should be based on the lack of performance among the Employees themselves. Why do Wall Street Bosses get to ignore the Downsize formula they so traditionally insist that other Businessmen adopt?

How does One establish a Corner on a monopoly? I would start a Courier Jet service if the Corporate Jets are really being sold. One could charge about $2300 per air hour ferrying Corporate executives around, with a probable air time Cost of around $1300 per hour. The trouble resides in the fact that Corporations are not really changing practice, and will not until Executives are thrown from office. Their replacement, though, would not likely alter current Corporate practice. Corporate position stands as the Product of Politics rather than Performance, and the perks of the Top include luxury Travel, expensive Tickets to popular events, and Meals which rival White House cuisine; no one concerned with performance–Losses only entailing the loss of lower class Employees. There will not be change in Corporate structure until Corporations are legally entailed by law to maintain competitive slates of Corporate Board members; none designated to hold any position within the Company after Victory–said decisions to be make by the Board itself by Secret Ballot during each monthly Board meeting–Performance must be achieved or there is an immediate loss of superior position. lgl

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