Monday, March 09, 2009

Where do We go wrong?

You can easily find examples of criticism of the new Obama administration. The worst of the situation is the fact that everything Krauthammer wrote holds a particular Truth. The Banking plan is straight out of the New Deal, the Stimulus is straight out of the 1960s Johnson campaign of ‘War on Poverty’, and Health Care equal to Hillary Clinton circa 1994. Banking will never be restored as long as the Criminals are allowed to stay in power there. Twenty years of failure should have taught that eliminating Poverty is impossible without changing the Value systems of the Poor in the first place. Extending further Health Care coverage will only bring Us closer to the abyss; a basic position where the only source for funding the National Debt is rapid Inflation. I think the American people should not be complacent about awaiting Insolvency.

One could call this the Recession which destroyed the Pension Plans. Read this article, and wonder where you put your investments of the last three decades. I once proclaimed back in about 1983, before Some of you were born, that unless Pension plans were fully-funded, then they would become functionally worthless. Business promptly drafted funds from these Plans to use as leverage. We have arrived where We are Today, and Baby Boomers wonder what all of their hard work had been for, and how did the Crooks get to spend their Retirement funds before their own Retirement. It is especially hard because We all know that Courts, packed by Conservatives, will never define this activity as fraudulent; therefore, We will never even enjoy the entertainment of seeing these Individuals sent off to Prison.

I will finish today by declaring the Reader should opine this article. I will state categorically that Government will always become unsound, if its Spending exceeds 15% of GDP. Public Goods should be sharply defined, as in this manner the huge disparity in Cost between Public and Private Goods can easily be perceived. Government is not the method which is conducive to economic stimulus; it is actually a sharp economic retardant. The way We approach a Problem often defines the potential range of Solutions We can adopt. A Short Hand would say to always let Special Interests decide Solutions, but make them Accountable by financial failure and/or imprisonment; or, as alternative, eradicate Special Interest from the decision-making process. The worst approach to the Problem is to let Special Interests set Public policy. lgl

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