Saturday, June 13, 2009

Why Me?

One can find the fallacy of most behavioral science if you are diligent and perceptive, or you can rely on the Tim Harfords of the world to explain the real lack of quality associated with the Testing procedures. Dim Lights frighten, Bright Lights hurt the Eyes, and Management wants to feel an empowerment which they have never had, or will ever have. The ‘Hawthorne Effect’ probably has no more real determination than any other behavioral ideation, as inclement Change have a very short half-life itself. Tim also argues that the Six-Degrees of Separation, so proudly championed, was based on a huge default rate; I could have told Stanley Milgram that Nebraskans makes poor Test subjects, as helping Someone for nothing hits the trash can faster than Advertising. We are great Believers in ‘What’s in it for Us?’ with the Answer being ‘A lot of Postage for which I am not paid, and I am supposed to dump This on good friends!’ A sensible Nebraskan would not forward such trash, and only send it to people they dislike if they decided to go along. It is upon such behavior that great Insight is found–Right!

Here is an article dealing with mortgages which actually makes some sense. It should be recognized by the Readers that mortgages are the tanks of the battle, while Banks are the Command bunkers. Both are extremely rugged and defended in depth. Homeowners, on the other hand, are the foot soldiers of the battlefield, easily injured and incapable of rapid Return to Duty when once hit. One always endures huge Injury on the battlefield because of failures of Command, or inefficient deployment of forces (also a Command decision). The Reader may not understand that Command is always the first to Bug Out if the battle is simply in Doubt, and Troops are left on the field to cover their Retreat. Readers should recognize that Banks, Mortgages, or even Congress, are doing nothing for the foot soldiers; with no Intent to ever do so, though they might claim professed Aid to the poor Mortgage-holders holding the bag. Such profuse protests never extend to allowing Mortgages to be altered, they want the poor Homeowners to be destroyed, saving their own butts until they can remove from the Combat area. It matters to no one the level of destruction, unless so many foot soldiers have been wounded, that they cannot reconstruct the battlefield later. This is what this article actually deplores, the lack of durability in the foot soldiers.

It is Saturday morning, and I am bored; so I will call it a Day. It has to do with the behavioral economics discussed Above, as I simply cannot work up the Impulse Energy necessary for a normal Workday. It is a primary effect which has a real impact upon Management decisions; they knowing that Overtime produces less production for higher Wages, and should be avoided whenever possible. I, as a Management Consultant, have successfully avoided the higher Pay being granted to myself; but I believe that my Worker is going to shut down at this Point. It is not that I hate my Job, it means only I have too much of it. lgl

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