Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Essential Truth

I should like this Post, but I don’t. Deep Seal Drilling is not business as usual just using machines. There is already immense pressure at point of interconnect when there is 5000 feet of seawater on top of the operation. Foundation pins need to radiate out from the drill hole from the immediate base to about 8 times the distance presently utilized. Inner circle pins should have 120 depth into the bedrock, while exterior pins should have a depth of at least 60 feet; this simply to keep the base frame from being blown out. There should be a pressure transfer system where outlying pins blow before interior pins. Blow-Out Preventers should be tied to the foundation pins–separate to the connection of those pins to the base frame. These Preventers should be securely bolted to the base frame, but with breakaway bolts to where the foundation pins absorb the pressure upon breakage, the Preventer serving as a Cap upon Blow-Out. The Whole should be surrounded by an independent secondary Pipe funneling blown material to the surface. The surface should already be surrounded by a bumper system to prevent Oil spillage from spreading. The secondary Pipe should end 30 feet below ocean surface to prevent Oil geysers which could escape the bumper system.

Please retain unlimited liability. We are already getting sufficient drill holes in our oceans under the current system, and I would not enjoy anything which would multiply that number of drill holes without all due caution; a factor which will become apparent with a cap on liability. The Oil industry is too profitable for unlimited liability to forestall Oil recovery, and I want the small companies to be mightily afraid to enter into Drilling without a big pockets parent able to handle liability damages. Freezing out the minor supplies of equipment will only force the majors to develop their own equipment, a function which will improve compatibility of equipment in Service and Function. There is real Need to understand that minors are in this arena to draft off the Profits of Oil; I feel no Call to supply this many Management teams with high Salaries and Bonuses, when it comes at a Safety Cost to overall performance.

Every Consultant in any business arena survives by placing the Management of the businesses they service at the head of the feeding trough. I am not accusing Kopits of any attempted propaganda, just the natural inclination to serve his Clients. They want higher Profits and lower liability. I simply do not like his Clients as much as he does. lgl

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