Tuesday, August 24, 2010

How to be hated in one easy lesson!

I do believe Scott Adams. I still believe, though, that there are ways to alter the behavior in a significant manner. My first attempt to suggest people to change their lifestyle would consist of a Landscape law. It is a nice sensible thing which will make everyone scream. I will advance some likely tenets to such a law:

1) A national special Property tax will be imposed, paid to your local government, where the Property owner is charged $7 per square yard of lawn every year.
2) An additional Property tax of $1 per square yard of lawn is charged every time a lawn is fertilized or aireated.
3) An additional $.25 per square yard of lawn Property tax is assessed for every Watering of said lawn.
4) A $2 per square yard of Garden will be deducted from local Property tax assessments if the Garden can be proven to be a vegetable rather than a flower Garden.
5) Every Landscaper in the country must be licensed; no license required unless the Landscaper treats ground not his own for monetary gain.
6) Every licensed Landscaper must prove that he has the facilities and equipment to successfully cultivate both lawn, Trees, and vegetable Gardens.
7) Every Property owner or contracted Landscaper to said land must pay $3 per square yard of land in Property tax, if over 10% of the established ground is found to be consigned to Weeds per square yard of ground.
8) Local government will be constrained by the law to inspect all ground within their jurisdiction at least once a month, in order to receive such additional Tax revenues, while assessed a special tax by the federal government of $10 per square yard if sufficient Inspectors are not hired to cover such territory at least once a month.

The law might seem highly controversial, but it serves many purposes. It cuts down on both Fuel and Fertilizer devoted to what is essentially a non-economic crop. It enhances the occupations of both Landscaper and Government Inspectors–this means it is a program to gain increased labor employed over the entirety of the nation. It is an easy form of Stimulus, as it will assume much of Cost of Local and State Governments. It will cut down on the inflationary trend of Food in the long-run, and lead to the development of small business to utilize the enhanced Produce. It will actually be Energy-conservative as both Transport of Food and Landscaping use of energy is reduced. It is a Win-Win for everyone but the Taxpayer, who is going to be paying the increased Property taxes anyway! lgl

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