Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Macro and Micro

HedgeFundGuy makes the mistake of asking whether Economists understand macroeconomics, specifically if they understand business cycles. He goes on to ask if there is any general consensus. He doesn’t know it, but he has found the exact rationale for business cycles: Consensus. When too many People begin to think there is economic opportunity, then there is created over-Investment, over-Production, extreme drop in Unit Profits, and massive contraction of Sales per Participatory enterprise. This is what incites the Recessionary aspect of Business cycles. When, on the other hand, Everyone thinks the business climate is poor; they curtail Investment in Risk ventures, and the Holdouts reap the Profits of semi-oligarchy of the Market Sales, rapidly increasing their Unit Profits. Here HedgeFundGuy thought Economists did not understand such profound ideation. The Devil made me do it!

A brigade enroute for its third deployment to Iraq, and Command is scraping up bodies for the transfer. Alteration of Medical Profiles seems horrid, but is a long known practice in the Military. The abuses cited have undoubtedly happened, though the Author may not know how to write on military affairs. Here is the information I desire as an informed Reader: How many Casualties has the brigade taken in previous Deployments to Iraq? How many of those Casualties are returning to Iraq? What has been the duration between Deployments? How many empty slots are in the brigade Table of Organization? What specific Troop Specialties do they lack? Why can’t trained Troop personnel be transferred to the brigade to fill whatever necessary complement is lacking? All these Questions must be answered before sound Judgement can be made about the altered Medical Profiles is made.

The most serious Charge to be leveled at the Bush administration is their attempt to fight a War without the prerequisite expansion of military force necessary to maintain an Active Force in the Field. The Military should have been expanded immediately upon deployment of forces, at a minimum to a level to match the Numbers of the Deployment Force, this simply to maintain an extended Reserve component. Troop Specialty schools should have expanded their Course ranks to graduate the greater Numbers of Troops necessary, and immediate Steps should have been taken to equip the new extended Reserves. None of the Above has been done, or in any way initiated. Troops will be entering their Fourth Deployment to Iraq or Afghanistan by the time Bush leaves Office because of his refusal to assume the added Costs on his own Watch. It will leave the next Administration without effective Policy, and with exhausted Troops. lgl

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spencerengland said...

I agree with you completely about the failure of the Bush administration to properly fund the war effort.

Of course, you know the real reason is that if they had been honest about the true cost of winning the war they would have had to give up their tax cuts.

The administrations revealed preference is that their tax cuts are more important then winning the war.