Sunday, October 07, 2007

Cutting the Power of the Purse

Tom Redburn has identified the Problem which We all know stand athwart all desires to control both Taxes and fiscal responsibility. It constitutes the greatest Issue of Issue Politics, and is understandably the most politically funded of the lobbied Interests. No one expects that this engine of destruction, organized along lines adopted by Boss Tweed in New York, can be defied. A basic reason for this image of invulnerability comes from allowing this political agenda to set the language and rules of the debate. We must learn to attack towards our Opponents’ weakness, if We are ever to hope to rein in the exploding Debt, and the Rule by earmarked federal spending.

The central theme We will have to adopt is a Concept of Tax Remissions limitations. This consists of a law which would limit any Tax Remission to a specific maximum value; I would set this amount at $25,000 per Individual, and $75,000 per Business organization of any type. This would separate the Sheep from the Goats, in that Those who need Tax relief would get it, but Those who want only Tax Avoidance cannot achieve it. Those who cannot understand allegory will be told that the Rich will be separated from the Needy for Tax purposes, and Those committed to fiscal responsibility will possess the rallying cry of Fair Tax Impact.

The next Step along the Road to clear the federal dead load will be the legally-imposed limit of Taxpayer ability to utilize more than Three Tax remission deductions in any Tax Filing; Those unable to do the Math can be told no Individual can claim more than $75,000, and business organizations no more than $225,000, in special Tax remissions other than certified Business Costs. The two Steps, together, will drive the fatal wedge between suffering Taxpayers, and Those who pay the political campaign contributions and Lobbyists. The vast majority of Taxpayers will come to understand We can attain Tax Relief, without surrendering to Those who would use Our efforts to avoid their own Tax burden. It is the necessary first achievement, before We can begin to rein in Our spendthrift elected officials. lgl

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