Monday, October 08, 2007

The New Hassle of American Life

Life used to be simple in my youth, at a time where the only Concern was to make a living. One needed only marketable skills and Money, thereafter obtaining almost anything you wanted not outside what was defined as legal. Today, the complexion has most definitely altered. Xerox machines seem destined to photocopy every Driver's License and Social Security Card some Thousands of times. The complusion to copy has infected Everyone--your Doctor, your Banker, your Doctor, your Dentist, your landlord, and coming soon, your favorite bartender. I cannot wait until they start doing Security Checks to buy Concert Tickets.

The misery of the above state of being resides in conscious fear on the part of Everyone in any position, of failure to provide sufficient documentation. I know I could make a fortune simply by investing in File Cabinet construction. I shudder for the square miles of scenic forest already cannabalized for Paper pulp. It might only be envy that my paperwork gets photographed more often than myself, even though it is far less handsome.

I am only angry because I am again attempting to Move to a new Apartment. Those who have read Me for awhile know that I had a Heart blockage two years ago; one of the results was the Sale of my residence, and my movement back to Apartment living. I have now once again decided I should move once more into an Apartment closer to what I required, both in access and benefit. Imagine my amazement when I heard that the new Management desired a copy of the old Sale and Mortgage Agreement still in progress from my old owned Property. I thought to refuse such a Request, but realized it would only hamper my movement into a new facility, and possibly get me placed on a Homeland Security Watchlist. I can only ask when will it ever end. lgl

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