Monday, October 01, 2007

More Prisoner Dilemmas

Crocker, Petraeus, and Bush would frighten, if their Message was not so garbled. This toning down of Violence in Iraq would lead to 768 American Deaths per year if it continued, which it won’t; or 1024 more Americans killed before Bush leaves Office. The drop of Violence among and to Iraqis is supposed to be dramatic, with a yearly Average of 23568 of Iraqi Deaths by Violence. It is alright, though, as Iraqi Defense forces should be able to kill about 16060 Insurgents per year, if they can maintain their current Average; here is a slight problem, as the monthly Average would indicate that they will lose about 1860 Soldiers per year, with an indicative additional 3000 Wounded per year. Luckily, American military forces will be there, at least until George W. Bush leaves Office, to act as Replacements to the Iraqi Casualties. It is clear that We have turned the Corner, and Peace reigns in Iraq.

Kraft could possibly save itself a great deal of their Advertizing Budget of $1.4 billion per year (sounds a little fantastic, doesn’t it) by pre-preparation of Grilled Cheese Sandwiches (Units hard to construct and Toast) which are Microwave ready. Many Fast-Food restaurants would like the addition of Grilled Cheese Sandwiches to their Menu, if the pre-prepared Sandwiches had additional Garnishes supplied–like Mustard, Jalapenos, Horse Radish, etc.; supplied on Restaurant order. The End-Goal maybe a pre-prepared package of Grilled Cheese Sandwiches (up to 10 in number), which is competitive in Price with a Package of Hot Dogs and a Package of Buns. Devising fancy jingles, or snappy Time-Spots, will not do much for the famed Grilled Cheese Sandwich, as Most know what they taste like. Mothers, though, will appreciate a easy Fill of Lunch Boxes where most Schools supply Microwave facilities.

Export Orders dropped from 57 to 54.5 on the ISM scale from August to September, even though this still means moderate growth in the Sector. Economists estimated there would be Gain, what with the weakening U.S. Dollar. The Reason behind this is understandable: High-Value Goods, under flexing Currency evaluations, are best limited in Order magnitude; so that the Purchasing Agents can fully establish the resident Cost of the Product. America is the Prisoner of her own Product lines, where Purchase Orders are too expensive; mid-Contract negotiations of Price remain common, with eventual provision of Product (Time-line) has been dependent on those negotiations. Heavy Export orders cannot be expected until the Dollar stabilizes. lgl

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