Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Balmy--but Happy!!!

I do not doubt that all of these Concerned Experts know what they are talking about. But it is actually not about the Money. The Cash can be found and impounded for the necessary Work, just as soon as the real Cracks in the system (pun intended) can be found and curatives identified. My Thought, though, holds an incredible assumption, which is this Century may be known as the Period of Road Removable, in the sense of the current Road system. I am not getting all Sc-Fi weird here, simply acknowledging that current systems are rapidly running out of viable Resource and Material. Do I believe that the current Transport systems will be replaced by a new, better system–Yes. Will it come close to being the current style of system–No!

I will state for the Record that I do not agree with this Evaluation. No expenditure of Public funds will rebalance the World economy. The Developing nations will never be able to take the lead from the Advanced nations no matter How Much economists would desire it; the Developing nations simply need too much Technology and Finance from the Advanced nations. What is needed is for the Advanced nations to find a new direction for growth, which is Why I implanted the previous paragraph. Nothing could be as beneficial to all nations as the development of an entirely new Transportation system; low on Energy Cost, heavy of Freightage, and with great durability.

It is time for mechanical Engineers to shine, like their Computer and Electrical brethren. I am currently thinking of closed-liquid canals with propellent of liquid flow–possibly with Pull straps upon Cargo. It would be nice if it could be a liquid Plastic made from waste Fuel by-products. I am thinking of uniform Cargo barges transported clear across the Country on a level canal sped by canal flow and grinder gears propelling the barge the full length of the barge to attain the canal flow. Automatic switching would divert Cargos to proper destination with drainage locks, and wheels on the barges to simple hook up tractors to pull to final placement. It would require immense amounts of electrical energy to drive the grinder gears, and there would need be great banks of such gears to develop the liquid flow ahead of the barges between cities, but once started; the flow would be much easier to maintain. Insane?–Possibly, but We need a massive new direction for the economy, and this would be a massive endeavor and accomplishment. lgl

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