Monday, October 18, 2010

Me and the Khmer Rouge

I read this article, and decide to take a radical stance on the entire issue of Poverty. I honestly believe that the disadvantages of the Poor come primarily from association with each other. Does this sound Rude and Cruel? I study on the issue of Poverty, and first decide it is too expensive to underwrite Poverty in the Cities where it occurs. Housing, Food, Clothing, and Medical Services are just too expensive within Cities to underwrite effectively. Everyone will imagine that I am in love with Small Town America past this point, and a ridiculous idealist who cannot understand the complexities of the issues involved. People should first understand that I am rather cynical and lack a genuine degree of empathy with Anyone, and Anger issues have never bothered me; I being rather Angry myself.

My solution to Poverty goes back to early America, and the creation of County Farms with a twist. I would purchase farmland of high quality to establish Garden farms. These would not be traditional modern Garden farms. I would establish several Rules, which will alter the nature of the farms. Here is my list:

1) There will be only traditional Garden vegetables and fruits grown on said farms.
2) All Produce sold by the farms must be processed on the farm; which means cleaned, Cooked or Canned.
3) Labor cannot purchase outside replacement vegetables and fruits on the Open market if such substances are produced on the farms.
4) All labor, except for Management supervisors, will be paid a standard Wage consistent with Minimum Wage of the States involved.
5) All such farms will be located in small communities, without respect for County or State boundaries.

Now the Reader will ask where the labor will come from? The Answer consists of current Welfare Recipients. Old Welfare Recipients will be required to relocate to such farms for a mandatory year before receiving further Welfare aid. New Recipients must start on the farms to enter the program. Free Health Care will be given to all residents of the farms. Every adult resident on the farms must work on the farm–whether in field work, the Processing Plant, or in Child Care and Cooking for the central kitchen provision of meals. Children will attend School through the entire year, but only in the morning, if they can maintain a B-Average; less than this Average will mean a 4-hour afternoon Study Hall must be attended. All management personnel on the farm will come from the transferred Welfare recipients whenever possible. All Sale of the Produce of the farms will go to defray the cost of the farms, with any Profits going to provide health care or expand the farm system. The goal will be to force every Welfare recipient to attend the farms for one calender year, and during such period to destroy the Housing from which they had come; the farms should provide a resettlement office to suggest relocation areas whenever possible. lgl

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