Saturday, November 13, 2010

Crazy is a natural state of mind!

I thought to bring this short Post to my Readers’ attention. Countries tend not to exhibit conjoined development of standard of living and economic performance. Rodrik is concerned with the divergence, while I see optimism within the trend. It highlights that the overall economic development need not increase, to get sizable increases in the standards of living. The major inputs required for the later is heightened levels of education, and simplistic sanitation models. It means We have to adapt cultural mores in only minute degrees to get massive alterations in the standards of living. It can also guide developmental policies to get the low-hanging fruit of development, even if the long-term advances may be impossible to apply.

I will guide Readers to this Post, expressing true Students should examine all links presented in the material. I personally never could stand this stuff, probably expressing my limitations in economics. There will always be oversupply within market competition, as Suppliers detest leaving unanswered Demand for Product, and venue for alternate disposal always exist. This is an important parameter in itself, stating that oversupply will never exceed alternate methodology for disposal. This is because excess Product without disposable impedes further production and storage of Product. This is where I introduce a strange thesis, where Production levels can be estimated by the development of alternate disposal methods for oversupply. Reader can ask Why I would come up with such a stupid precis, and the Answer states both Productive capacity and relative levels of Consumer Demand can be estimated by the level of development of alternate disposal methods.

It sounds like Tyler Cowen wants to provide his Teddy Bear with a vacation! I have often heard of extreme ways to finance extended vacations, but a Photo Shoot for favored stuffed animals must rank up there. Would your carry two or three traveling bags filled with stuffed animals through airports and train terminals? Even if it was the only way to be able to travel? I may be just lazy or something, but I think I would rather possess photos of French women to a picture of my stuffed dinosaur in front of a French champagne bottle. lgl

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