Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Pragmatism in Action

This type of Post which really bothers, as it is based upon hard statistics with early reportage, and little chance of revision–except for possible growth in the extreme. An element which Rampell explores, but does not identify, is the Thought that all Hiring comes in the form of Immigration; where native Hires must transplant across geographic regions. I cannot define the mantra of large Corporate hiring at this time, but highly suspect that Corporations want their new Hires moved from local areas where they could possess associate support groups. These entities want a labor force who a subject to direct pressure in any framework of Job loss. Economists may consider me to be too paranoid, yet Corporate structure seems to want their labor force wholly dependent upon them; this eases Corporate ability to reduce Wages and Benefits in the long-run, and puts further pressure on Employees to enter into unsafe or environmentally unsound production practices.

Here is another example of Corporate practice in provision of health care. You study the superficiality of the Numbers, and One would consider that Business has done a good Job of handling Worker needs. Understand I have no Numbers here which in any way could be considered valid. Corporate Profits have increased far more rapidly than Wages, and this Post states far faster than health care coverage for Workers. The profitability of such Corporations is hidden by further Sale of Corporate stock; this accomplished by outright giving of Stock blocks to Corporate executives, or Stock Option to these executives. Pay and Wealth for corporate executives have increased at far greater pace than any other segment of economic society–especially the nominal Stockholders of these self-same Corporate stocks. Corporation get Cut-Rate premiums for the health insurance they buy, all because of the magnitude of business they provide. Individual Employees, though, do not get those self-same Cut-Rates for their share of the premium. Corporations aggregate great Wealth which does not escape the Corporate boardroom, while everyone else suffers the pressures of Inflation and run-wild health care Costs.

Such type Posts always reach me. I believe that the power of the Fed to affect the economy passed with the passage of TARP. It was actually the last time the Government was not printing Money in real-reaction terms. Corporations and Small Business will not alter their Production schedules because of QE–One or Two. Wall Street will simply claim higher Profits, while the actual Consumption markets will not budge. No one plans on development of Product when there exists no Buyers of that Product. Neither the Fed or Congressional action has done anything to increase those Consumption levels. The insecurity of the World economy will decrease the level of American Exports, even when they are cheaper. We cannot look for Aid from the outside, but must provide Incentives to Production in the interior economy. lgl

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