Thursday, November 11, 2010

Do Unto Others!

The Lady is Right, but what can We do? Politicians will not anger their wealthy Constituents, those who provide both Votes and Cash. They do not want Taxes, yet, they still want Services; even when they are not qualified for those Services in the context of Need. We face the real fact that Rich want exactly the same Services as the Poor, if the Poor receive them. The whole Concept of Means-Testing might as well be forgotten. It is also a fact that American Business finds itself making more Profits from sending Accounting paper than in producing Consumer Product. We belong in a special society which has rewarded those manic designs which foster Expenses on a trusting Consumer society which does not understand the chicanery. I have developed a Stepped Plan to reduce the hazards easily apparent in our society.

1) Every Government agency, department, and Employee will charge an Administrative Cost charge of $1.25 per page of all applicants for communication. The law will stipulate that the communication will be discarded without review if a Check whose amount equals the total number of pages plus additional Envelope at $1.25 times the total number of pages. This begins to pay for the federal government with its huge labor costs.
2) The law goes on to require a electronic transfer of funds equal to $.50 per 25 lines of Transcript for electronic filings or emails of any type, else the entire file will be discarded without review. The government agency will set a Payment system which it will bill for the proper amount, which must be approved before consideration of the filing will be made.
3) The law will go to stipulate that every American receiving any Mail must receive $.25 per page of bills, $1.25 per page of Questionnaire, and $2 per page of Advertisement. Mail addressed to Resident will not longer be delivered, and every notification of failure to provide the directed payment by Check to a Postal employee will incite a $10 Fine to the Sender; which Fines which are not cleared every 3 months, will engender stoppage of Postal service to the Sender until the Fines are paid in full.
4) The Intent of the law is to ensure that all Communications will be clear and concise, and that American Consumers receive just compensation for the duress of having their Time diverted to examination of unwanted Communications.
5) The law will also stipulate that Government agents cannot contact American Citizens except for specific reasons, and that every Government agent will be limited by a specific number of pages or electronic lines which may go to any individual Citizen; I would suggest 20 pages of material, or 500 lines of electronic Transcript. The Government agency or Department exceeding this amount must return a portion of their operating budget for the indiscretion at $5 per instance. Individual Government Workers will be warned 3 Times before dismissal if their total communications exceed 30% of their granted Communication level.
6) The Office of Management and Budget will be directed to supervise the entire legal process of the Communications Law, and empowered to assess Fines–both Public and Private. All revenues raised will be returned to the general fund.

Did I make the Businessman’s Day, or did I make the Businessman’s Day? I should not get gross here, but Pricks in high office are still Pricks; no one should have the right to intrude into Anyone’s day without recourse or measures of restitution. Do I sound especially Mean today? I am actually having fun at others’ expense–does it remind you of Anyone? lgl

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