Sunday, April 03, 2011

All that Nit-Picking

I am not one capable of agreeing with the Austrians, Some consider that I do not even understand their Thought processes. I here bring you a Post which I think is important coming from an Austrian, the major purpose of which is to present a Counterpoint to my own Thought, which is truly at odds with all other economic thought. My idea states that Recalculation cannot possibly take place without a fall-off in the Aggregate Demand. Austrian or Keynesian, they all have got it wrong. Recalculation requires that policymakers, whether Private or Public, clearly identify the failures within the current system. What must be fixed cannot be found accurately without the drain of Cash down the Losses hole. Reestablishing the AD simply places a Band-Aid over the Skin Cancer, as We await the deadly fiber to sink to Crisis levels and crippling state. Give me an AD curve which is 20 points below normal, and everyone agrees that Changes have to be made. I find this Post which soothes my achy, breaky Heart. I have long surrendered any goal to become the next great American author, and even to develop a committed online Readership. It is why I am starting to enjoy blogging more than ever. They tell me that what is put on the Internet never really disappeared, simply loses View rate. Now I can play Nostrodomus without Anyone laughing at me, and I might be found to be accurate in a couple of Centuries. What are the Odds? Probably less than I having achieved real Notice on the Internet today, but what the hell, why not go for It? I will finish with this Post today. Everyone wants less taxation, but does Anyone actually deserve it? I am talking about lower Incomes as well as higher Incomes. Would it not be wise to demand a set Tax rate, and collect from All? Here are some of my reasons: the Union and Labor movement would be much more powerful under a set tax rate, and overall Wages would be much higher; the bonus system currently in force would include all Contributors to the Profitability, not just Those at the top of Management; Stockholders would demand a fair share of the final take, and not be left with undistributed Dividends, which are held until upper Management can find methods to absorb most of those Profits; and tax revenues could be stabilized at high levels, and Politicians could be forced to spend within necessary limits. Your Guess is as good as Mine! lgl

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