Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Harsh Word from On-High!

This is exactly that type of Post I can understand, but disagree with heartily. I have long since decided that the American economy can be truly saved only by revision of the Tax Code with lowered rates of Taxation, but ones that have no discounting allowed. My position on the Issue states that We cannot afford Keynesian deficit spending, even if the economy needed such which it does not. We must adopt mass, swarm labor tactics for government expenditure for any stimulation, and We must insist that such activity must be paid by Taxation. This still does not answer the claims of the Post, and I will follow with my Thoughts. Henry Ford’s standardization of Parts and assembly-line production must solve our deficit problem. This means the designation of only a One-Size payment as a Social Security benefit and Relief payment for the Poor. A simple Statement that no FICA taxation to this Point has fulfilled full payment for all Social Security payments with the addition of Medicare should silence all Claims of having paid more into the system. A Medicare and Medicaid system will be established where Insured will be allowed only a half million dollar total allowance for any 5-year period, combined with legislated Medical Provider responsibility for additional medical assistance to the Patient if they received any of the original half million; this means they are responsible for any added Costs of Treatment within the Period. A new Proscription rider will be included to the Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid system, where the previous author of Proscriptions using up a set allowance must be accountable for half of the remaining medication not covered. The Proscription allowance will be determined by Committee to provide the Drug industry with a 12% Profit ratio for their Drugs. Now We must turn to the Pensions and Retirement benefits. The Civil Service will receive no retirement benefit in excess of that provided by the Social Security benefit, so that they can double or triple the size of final benefit. Some may question the triple comment, and I will answer it. Military pensions and medical benefits will not be granted to Military Retirees until they are at least 62 years of age. Here is the Kicker: Military Retirees will lose their Pension benefits unless they continue to work for the federal government until they are 62, at the same rate of Pay as they received at time of Retirement; this helped by federal mandate that qualified ex-military Retirees will replace any Civil Service employees under a forced Retirement program; their pensions only becoming active after they reach Age 62. Retirement Investment funds are encouraged everywhere throughout the economy and society, with some of the advantages currently contained being somewhat restrained; the most notable being Tax delay can only extend for 10 years after registration, not upon actually Cashing Out. We advocate everyone plan for their Retirement, and follow clear Guidelines that Congress will outline for the greater Tax advantage. Still, in no way will it be the current Give-Away program of younger labor supporting Retiree lifestyles. lgl

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