Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Do Funds Drive the Markets

Funds exist everywhere throughout all markets today. Are they beign?

"Funds are like flocks of geese,'' Nick Moore, global commodities analyst at ABN Amro, said, adding that the funds would stay in commodities but could now ride the market downturn by buying ``short'' to capitalize on lower prices."

The Dollar gained today against almost all Currencies, and Metals slid, "The dollar showed its first signs of life against the euro in weeks, prompting funds to pull out of metals as key price points triggered sale signs on automatic systems. (AP)"

Oil production is as high as ever seen, and American Oil stocks are higher than the previous year. What is driving the Price hikes? The posit can be made that Funds are using Scare tactics to drive the Markets in the direction desired, and Fund managements are in collusion through use of the News services to initiate directional movement.

Is this important? The Author filled up his truck for $1.84 per gallon today, while he paid $1.42 per gallon last year, though there is more sweet crude Oil in American stock than a year ago. He is also paying $1.74 per gallon, which was $1.26 per gallon in March. This though March was at the end of a hard winter, this beginning of a mild winter, and heating stocks are larger. The American people are paying about 30% more for their energy consumption this year over last, while there is no discernable rationale for it except the Buying and Selling strategies of the Funds. lgl

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stevelee9 said...

Gas is $2.15 a gallon at ARCO in southern California, where we have "specially refined" fuel supposedly to fight air pollution.