Wednesday, December 29, 2004


This Author has just finished reading the Becker-Posner blog on Population and Economic Growth, at The Author tends to agree with Posner, but not for the same rationale--though the Posner argument tends to be effective.

The recent Tidal Wave, with over 70,000 dead and rising, explains the Author's thesis in a nutshell. Overpopulation brings overutilization of Land, where Housing and Production facilities are placed within high-risk areas. The recent disaster is only a blatant example. The Tidal regions of the United States are overpopulated, and as is the Mississippi valley and other River areas. Water is not the sole culprit areas threat. Mountain, Forest, and Drought scrub areas are threatened by Fire. Huge population concentrations exist in Tornado channels. Florida is only a Hurricane waiting to happen. Population density in all described areas remains too large--reconstruction of destroyed Property yearly drastically discimates economic growth. The effect is only compounded among foreign nations, who do not have the Recovery resource assets.

Overpopulation without proper sanitation was found to be the major cause of the Bubonic plague, not just in Europe, but from it's origin in China through the Near East to North Africa. There have been many Proposals (without collaborating evidence) that clearing Forest and Swampland allows many harmful Agents like Ebola and HIV to enter the human chain. It is positively known that clearing the major Forest and Swamplands removes the traditional methods for reducing harmful increases of Carbon levels on the Earth surface.

Economists are quick to point out the advantages of Population growth, but stand silent on the disadvantages of Population increase. There is the vast overdraft of Resources, alongside the loss of traditional Tradecraft--ecologically balanced productivity versus huge Carbon-burning mass production efforts. The sheer Population demands huge Food supplies, inciting diseases like 'Mad Cow' because of cannibal Feed practices. Products lose durability and quality, due not only to mass production, but also to the Wealth-aggragation motive of Producers needing protection for their families in times of resource shortage.

Telling Human beings they cannot live is not an option. Praying for Disasters to reduce human population is also not an option. We must live with the humanity which is brought to this shared Earth. There remains the option of educating People to limit family size, and reduce use of exotic medical care which lengthens Life though worsens quality of Life. lgl

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stevelee9 said...

The result of these overpopulations and demands on resources is regional wars.