Thursday, October 12, 2006

Tales of the Bush administration

David Altig on the Future Shock of Government deficits. Bush may not have fulfilled traditional Republican conservative desire to limit the role of government upon both the nation and the economy. John Schmitt has a good Paper on Job Creation, link provided by Dean Baker. Further information from this article. Menzie Chinn on the Costs of the Iraq war. Fed unlikely to lower Interest rates anytime soon. Trade Deficit article showing American industry is losing across the board. Tim Haab on the Ecoterriorists suggests We should All get Along on the Issue.

Did I touch on all Points?
Hmmm--Bush initiated: Iraq War, huge Government spending, huge Government deficits, lower Present taxes but higher future taxes, and loss of Job creation. Bush failures: poor attempt to spur Job creation, no attempt to end Iraq incursion, huge expenditure of assets on National Security without significant reduction of Terrorist threat, no attempt to limit Speculation in the Commodities and Materials markets, artificial spurs to create Housing bubble which failed, and provided no impediment forestalling movement of American industry Overseas or expansion of the Trade Deficit. There is also denial of Global Warming until all Sides became radicalized. Could Bush have done more? Did Anyone want him to?

Other Things:
Testa at Midwest Economy has an important article on rural areas and Globalization. John Whitehead provides description of Stiglitz’s proposal of establishing energy tariffs, along with a rebuttal of Stiglitz’s proposal. Tyler Cowan provides good material about auctions, plus a good link describing auctions. Greg Mankiw provides an attempt to define Edmund Phelps. lgl

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