Tuesday, June 24, 2008

And Some People think I know nothing about Nothing

I will give my Readers access to an article with which I cannot agree, though it should be Read. I do not agree with the thesis, because I believe the Climate changes have relatively little to do with the increase in Greenhouse Gases in the atmosphere. They are warming the Planet right enough, but the melting Polar Caps indicate a more substantive impact than rising Sea levels. I believe We are in the beginning stages of a Shift in Magnetic Pole positions. This implies that a rise in Greenhouse Gases may not be a culprit, which is simply a Shift in Planet weight distribution to follow a transplant of the Poles.

Does this seem far-fetched? The Magnetic Poles endure pressure to move, not because of forces on the Earth, but due to alteration of the shape and depth of the Magnetic fields enveloping the Planet. I should not write about this, when I have not studied any density Reports on the Magnetic fields. I do so, out of a lack of desire to talk about anything I know about Today, and an even greater laziness which does not desire to study very boring diagrams; though such Information may inform of Racial genocide. It should be estimated that the Magnetic fields should have the greatest depth and density over a circular band encompassing both Poles; something which be the Centering force. Solar Winds of high energy determine the positioning of those Magnetic bands, and I believe there has been a Shift in Solar Wind forces hitting the Planet. I suppose I should make some Commentary of likely outcomes, if this is the Case.

Magnetic field density and depth actually must limit the amount of solar heat which reaches the surface of the Planet. This likely occurs because the Magnetic bands convert the solar heat into electrical static energy to feed the field. It is therefore much cooler beneath the heaviest Magnetic band. Current Solar Wind patterns are creating alternate Magnetic bands in competition with the primary Magnetic band, and the combination of alternate band pull is dragging the Magnetic Poles into Movement. Ice fields drifting outside the primary Magnetic bands is likely melting at a faster rate, than the Ice sheets under the denser Magnetic bands. Sufficient weight redistribution with change in Pole orientation will cause vast Continent plate alterations. I would place more faith in new Mountain ranges, rather than in sunken Coastal areas. lgl

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Anonymous said...

"Does this seem far-fetched?"

Maybe if you could provide the physics to back it up we could respond to your question.