Sunday, February 22, 2009

Cutting the Deficit

Does this seem realistic to Anyone? We have a Stimulus Package which is unlikely to stimulate, a desire to tap Retirement accounts with taxation, the intent to militarily Downsize, and reinstate Taxes which were always too high. Everyone has lost Sight of the one thing which could bring down the federal deficit: stop Government Spending. There are sure-fire methods to accomplish this alternate Plan, but no one will adopt it. The reason is that Politicians make political capital with Spending, and make nothing by cutting Spending. I will explain How to cut Spending before I will explain the potential methodology of getting Politicians to stop Spending.

The How is simple: Government passes legislation which forbids the payment of any individual personal bills. All individuals again become responsible for their own Accounts. The Government is entailed solely to pay off any debts incurred by Citizens by the previous process, if their Income is less than a detailed magnitude; a factor which is to be changed yearly, based entirely upon a basic Needs formula. The individual will have to obtain their own finance, find Bankers willing to underwrite the Risk, and convince these Bankers they are a viable Debtor who can repay the Banks if the Government denies their claim. Government takes a draconian stance in paying for anything–whether it is Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, or any other form of Welfare; the Government refusing Payment if alternate funds are there.

The truly Poor will be protected by the provision of Emergency Services staffed solely by permanent Staff on Salary. There will be long Waits, filled reception rooms, and medical staff providing least-Cost medical care. No one will go there unless they have to go there, but they will at least be fully-Staffed; the Government will itself provide ombudsmen services to aid in Firing unqualified or negligent care. Applicants for Government Spending otherwise must submit their own Proposals in detail, in which they themselves have paid the Developments Costs for such initial Planning (guaranteed to eliminate over half of the Spending Proposals from the Get-Go). Congressional and legislative staffs will only get expert Opinion as to whether the Projects are viable. Allocations will only be made upon Applicants’ projected Budgets, and application for future refunding cannot be made for 3 fiscal years. The Costs can come down, and come down drastically, but it takes a hard-line approach. lgl

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