Friday, February 27, 2009

Spreading Risk and Bull

Isn’t This a Case of the Pot calling the Kettle black? I will be honest, and say that the Obama budget hides as much horror as it outlines; let’s face it, the Man comes from the Senate. There is the old western quip asking: What do you get if you put enough Liars in one Room–Answer is: Legislation passed. The Committee for a Responsible Budget has a regrettably unbiased grasp of the Obama Budget. Why is it that Everyone except for Budget writers knows how to Add and Subtract? The current Budget tells Us everything except how you can cut the Budget deficit in half, by increasing Spending in all areas with a Tax Cut. (Notice: Obama only suggested getting out of Iraq, Eisenhower could give advise on obstructionist Truce makers if he were still alive; oh, of course, We still have the Commitment level in South Korea which We had in 1953).

Toyota has a Parking problem so bad they decided they needed a floating Parking garage, which they don’t even intend to Move. My Advise is to have an Auction open to Everyone without floor Prices. This will at least indicate at what Prices the markets will clear. The interesting Thought here is that Losses are instant Tax Cuts, and lead to Production policy changes. It is the old question of facing down the Skunk, before the Skunk turns around. It is not going to smell any better in the near future, and could get a lot worse if remedial action is not taken.

I am the Son of a Farmer, and Grandson of a Farmer; and have performed just about every Job which farmers do. I would still relate that I do not have much experience with Farming. The worst aspect of life comes from Those who would say they are a Son of an Investor, and Grandson of an Investor. Even the Best of Investors can be taken in by fraud, and Investment instruments rarely have a valid, long-term, Track record. Due diligence must be observed, but there is no way that Criminals can be stopped by any set of Conventions; Some are quite inventive–Criminals I mean. It does not help that even the Brightest (Madoff for example) will turn Criminal, if the Bottom Line fails to produce the Profits desired. We have already witnessed that Banks are a poor median for storing Cash, without close observance of Banking propriety. Trust nothing absolutely, and spread your Risk over a wide spectrum, no matter how interesting the seeming Profits. lgl

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