Sunday, February 07, 2010

The Leadership is pushing it, but they don't even recognize it.

Tyler Cowen expresses more faith in the democratic process than I can really accept. The political adherence is not to the ‘middle of the Road’ Voters, but to the ‘middle of the Road’ Voters of the upper 10% in Income. Obama and his fellow Democrats in Congress would get far greater support if they turned to the vast majority of Americans–the kind who pay the survivalist taxes of Social Security, Property, and Licensing; which make up a very significant level of taxation in total Country tax revenues. Notice I did not mention Sales taxes, which are the real Paymasters of the American economy. Also notice that Everyone pays Sales taxes as well. There are many Ways to propel a cheaper health care program, and a program which does not short Services to the Poor, but such programs adversely affect the affluent in greater manner than taxation. There is a vast groundswell among the Ten-Percenters to forestall any such limitation of their Profits-Taking by overcharging for medical services. The democracy so vaunted may seriously not be there!

Read this thing which may be a charade in itself. I am tired of the old Adage that Government must be the Spender of Last Resort. I ask if even this were so, that Government should restrict the collection of taxes to pay for that Spending. No one has seen Business Interests make any Investments which lack Profits-potential since the S&L Bailout of the mid-1980s. Business should pay the taxes, unless and until they have shown Proof of real Investment in hard capitalization endeavors, which should be limited to domestic production. Read the material provided, and ask yourselves if you like your current Government; and if you do or do not like it, Why you have those feelings. It could just be the Year for complete replacement of the entire Congressional structure, except this would bring Republicans to the fore; they of no Solutions and huge benefits to the Wealthy. lgl

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