Monday, February 15, 2010

Our Position in the Universe

Bruce Webb does a good job of describing Conservative fears, though he fails to take it to its logical conclusion. Government debt is probably the greatest Socialist element within the spectrum, debt being a universal factor which All feel compelled to honor. Debt must be considered as being paid, or in the process of payment, else everything within the economy is shaken. Under this level of Understanding, Government should be disallowed the power to borrow. Neither Conservative or Liberal would take their ideals this far, as then Government services must be paid as they are developed; no one being willing to pay their taxation at this level of strata. The reality exists that any Investment in Government is a Support of Socialism, and actually, the most vindictive of Supports. One can only hope that All reading this commentary will understand the real underlying trap of Government program.

I bring in this Opinion article at this time, and ask my Readers to ascertain How it apples to the previous paragraph. Alliances draw Interests Groups together, or creates a distance between them. Debt, on the other hand, create Ties between these Groups, often insisting on more intense involvement between them to obtain repayment procedures on the debt. It demands a consistency of program, even when there is real discontinuity. Every administration of the federal government has had the problem of continuance of programs undesired, or even disliked; all because there was no method of debt repayment of what was already established. Conservatives never had the slightest chance of reversing Social Security–a factor appreciated even by Conservatives, but would Medicare and Medicaid have been passed; if Everyone then had understood the problems which We face today? Everyone resents and refuses to pay new taxes, to defray past debt on programs which have been discontinued; they must at least be granted the promise of some form of receipt of the benefits originally described. We cannot get ride of Medicare without getting rid of the Social Security Fund; which would mean getting rid of Social Security-at least in its present paid-up form. How consistent are you in your beliefs?–Sufficient to survive on your own Income without Government guarantee?

I will finish the Reading list this morning with this Piece from Gretchen Morgenson. More and More of the economy is being classified as ‘Too Big To Fail’, so that the entirety of the system is being compromised. This threat all revolves around the issuance of debt, the undisputable factor behind it all. What is the Solution to all of the mess? The Answer is simple–simply tell people to repay their debt, and make it virtually impossible to contract more debt. Do the Politicians, Business personnel, or Consumers possess the fortitude to adopt the stringent lifestyle to live without debt? Can Those who do even adopt such a lifestyle, considering the pressures which can be exerted by Those who would live beyond their Means? One has to live with one’s neighbors, and one cannot continually berate them, especially if you need their advocacy to complete your own labors. Understand that economic policy can support, or bring down, the entirety of the economic structure. What Road do you believe We are on? lgl

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