Thursday, February 18, 2010

What did I say, anyway?

Here is an article which is somewhat disingenuous, though I am sure that Daniel Gross meant nothing of the sort. The Republicans did fundamentally oppose the Stimulus package upon passage, and did immediately seek a part of the Stimulus later. What the article does not state was that the Democrats dropped the Ball, having no one and nothing developed to absorb the Stimulus after passage, while Republicans already had a number of industries capable of absorbing the Stimulus under the rules established. The Republicans are taking little more of the Stimulus than originally assigned, and Democrats have still not organized business entities to take the remainder of the Stimulus, which is quite a large amount. A very great part of the rationale behind this fact comes from the real element of little opportunity to organize any workable business model to accomplish a profitable enterprise; this coming from a lack of acute examination of the technology currently available to be exploited. The Reader must understand that very little of the remaining Stimulus will be spent, unless real practical design is implemented.

Here is a far more truthful and honest Report. No matter what the rhetoric, Few in D.C. or throughout the Country advance real labor on changing anything. The Republicans smell more like Fox Channel News than any definite Plan of Action. The Democrats have no real design to contain Government Spending. The Former demand the easy-going Spending of Old, and the Democrats allow such passage, while formulating no Plan. Republican forestall Democratic spending on programs ancient in design, and previously declared unworkable. Both Sides sound hypocritical, and there is really no one at the helm. This is not solely an accusation of Obama, there being no leadership on the Hill either. This Drift, more than anything else, will bring down the American Government.

I will finally refer the Readers to this Piece, though I disagree with the promise of Trade; and admit the reality I only skimmed the material. The author denigrates the ceilings on Tariffs with which I agree, knowing there is real need for such tariffs, but also cognizant that such barriers cannot be so high as to be forestalling of Trade; the Result of tariffs should be to promote domestic production–not inhibit it. The trade remedy policies on anti-dumping etc. all establish a level playing field for Trade, and I do not understand the opposition of Chad Brown to these designs. We live in an intense world where production is mandated even in Writing, but many things should not be written. Developed economies are being flooded with Trade Goods, many of poor quality and of dumping criteria, and most of the new restrictions limit this activity. One always has to define What is being done, not take a superficial accounting of procedures of activity. lgl

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