Tuesday, February 09, 2010

What is Coming

I debated with myself if I should present this one from Paul Romer to my Readers. It is a pursuit of a Dream, but one which has some initial benefits. One cannot make law in isolation, and the methods exist to corrupt the concept of ‘Open Cities’; a factual attempted many times in the Past, occasionally with success, but mostly with failure due to varying degrees of corruption. The trouble basically relies upon a real rigidity of structure to curtail such corruption, while the creation of such zones are specifically to forestall a rigid enforcement of Constraint upon the inhabitants. The idea must have a freedom from the Past, without the invasion of the elements of corruption pervasive within the greater hinterland. Is it a truly viable Concept when the entity is surrounded by that corruption? History will state that there is freedom from contamination only where there is advantage to the hinterland itself, irrespective of the benefits to the World, or to the inhabitants of the ‘Open Zone’; without this defined value, the corruption of the hinterland will dominate.

Here is a case where Students must read this Post, though it is in many ways wrong in context and content. Observers here place the Cart before the Horse, believing that the behavior engaged in by empires is what destroyed those empires; when, in actuality, Money was always substituted for adequate solution of problems within those empires, bringing down the entire structure eventually. It must take a sincere Shock for the Readers to understand the facts I would outline; so this means the Reader should not believe the following as acceptable, even by me. Our current military structure is ridiculous–We spend more per combatant soldier than any military formation in history. Every support element of that soldier is outsized and unrepentant, be it the Cost of the uniforms, the Cost of the Weaponry, the Cost of the Ammunition, the Cost of Housing, the Cost of Recreation, or the Cost of the Food and Travel for such military personnel. The actual Wage Cost of such military personnel should be among the lowest in the World due to the excess of Population and excess of trained labor in almost all domestic professions. Reality states that the actual Cost of an American soldier should be lower than anywhere except China, when evaluated in terms of military effectiveness at low Cost. Now ask yourselves What scenario We do enjoy, and How we have arrived at this Point.

Americans must learn that We do not possess the unassumed resources of previous Generations. There is little venue for expansion open to the nation. We need to get more done with less, and do so at a far more rapid rate than We are currently doing so. We need Quality of Product, and permanence of Product. We need to examine the Production process, and start to learn to substitute labor for capital intensity, and to hold to a lower Cost of that labor. Community services must expand, while individual wealth must decrease as a measure of economic success. I continually hear that Europeans and Chinese must learn to live like Americans, while I know that history dictates that Americans must learn how to live like the Chinese. It is not evidence of disrespect for human life; simply an awareness that history stands ready to destroy pretentious people everywhere, and We have reached the apex of our national star. We will have to learn to live within our Means within this century, or perish! lgl

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