Friday, May 28, 2010

The Color of my Thoughts

I feel almost hypocritical in my defense of Public Employees. Zuckerman, though, was way out of line. I would layoff (Fire) about 27% of all Public Employees if I could, but Zuckerman’s intent to demolish an effective health and retirement program goes that Bridge Too Far. Rants like those of Zuckerman could do more to incite union activity than it will ever cause any diminishment of protection for Workers under the current program. What amazes me is the success of inoculation of anti-union sentiment in all those College courses; College being the greatest Resistor baring union activism in this Country. Unions must be too plebeian for the exalted heights of unemployed college graduates.

I would advise the reading of this Statement, though it is filled with ambiguity. It would seek to condone all transgressions, and lambast all attempts to straighten out the mess. Mead fails to mention that the greatest majority of financial crises cited all depended upon a lack of regulation and deception of Investors. I don’t know on what he bases his claim that liberal capitalism works, though it does work. The trouble comes from the fact We are not discussing the successes of liberal capitalism, but its failures! There is a claim that the old left is dead; even as I wonder it ever existed; remember that the majority of health and Pension plans operate on a very un-socialist division of benefits by levels of previous Income. No one, East-West-or Central, has ever truly advanced the concept of an equal, uniform benefit system for All; a notable element in almost all Socialist discussions, and one which gets very un-liberal fast. The demographic crunch comes more from Those who can afford the Taxes necessary refusing to pay such Taxes; it has little to do with the problems of Ageing or Entitlement. I finish with a speculation that fear of the democratization of economic policy translates into a non-belief in true capitalism, as it sounds like a Call for the suppression of natural forces upon the market structure; one can spend and invest, but no one gets the Vote.

I have always believed that Opinion must be the result of informed study, even if it seems that I only listen to myself. Read this format to understand where your most reviewed Commentary comes from in daily development. This study may put to an end the concept that there is a liberal media bias active out there. The graph on the last page shows the weight split between Conservative and Liberal. I stand in the middle of the Road, not professing liberal or conservative bias; simply picking any source that seems attractive at the moment. lgl

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