Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Roar that Shatters

I ask the Reader what they think of this link, especially if they think it will be true. My thoughts on the matter may be the breakdown of the world market price for Oil. There is already unsettling aspects to the Oil markets. The Oil Spill in the Gulf is only the tip of a huge Iceberg. The future will witness far greater intervention by Governments in the Oil development process, where Government will find voice in deciding under what conditions Oil fields can be developed; leading inevitably to resource protection and routing. There is already differential prices for Oil based upon Transport Costs which can only increase, while Government interventions will probably increase such differentials to a potential $20-30 per barrel by Government imposts for the transfer of Oil. This will fracture World Oil prices, and eventually lead to a more Protectionist World; not a bad thing overall, but one which will have to be carefully chosen.

This article might identify the first crack in the unified World of which I describe. World leadership remains constrained on climate issues by political considerations in their home countries. The Indian and Chinese economies probably contain greater dampening effects than they will publicly acknowledge, and are unwilling to commit to climate controls they must automatically violate. Brazil and South Africa could only go along with the Asians, considering the poor economic conditions in their own nations; it can be estimated that stringent pollution controls would close down half their potential industry. Obama faced an unfriendly domestic environment to any such commitment, and intractable opposition on the world stage. It is no wonder that the Meeting came to nothing.

I will finish with this debate today. Follow the links to get a long and evolved argument. It is a road much trodden, and actually informs little. Nothing works in the Entitlement World except cutting Costs; no one can touch the franchise itself. One can put Caps on the total yearly benefits included, but not on the people covered by the program. The Rich insists on getting the same as the Poor, the Young insist on the same as the Elderly, Child Advocates insist that the Children get the best of Care, and the Unemployed insist on as much Coverage as the Workers get. Such considerations split the World into those who entitle, and those who don’t. This will change into those who entitle a great deal, and those who entitle little. It does not matter, as the entire process will shatter World markets by sharply skewed Pricing for Product. lgl

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