Saturday, July 31, 2010

And you thought you knew what Draconian was!

I wonder sometimes if Paul Krugman may not need a little further education in economics. I specifically do not agree with Paul Ryan just about across the board. I definitely want to return the Tax rates to the pre-Bush 2000 settings. I definitely want to boost the fed fund’s rate. I want Business and Bank to have to work harder to make their Profits under higher taxation. They definitely cannot afford to stand idle, when and if it costs more to do so, and what Profits there are become taxed at higher rates. Like Ryan, I believe that Banks and Business will work harder if compelled with some degree of distress. I have to tell the two Pauls that there will be little incentive to achieve greater things, if the Businessman and Banker can sit still while the Profits roll in. The Question becomes How do We get this hard work out of them?

Paul Krugman believes We only have to supply more Cash, while Paul Ryan sees need only for Tax Cuts. I believe both are failed policies. Neither gives Business or Banking any desire to increase Profits in the face of declining Consumer Demand. It is time to take measures to both increase Consumer Demand, and to propel the work ethic of Bankers and Business. We need massive Hiring by the Government of Minimum Wage labor to increase the Income flow of Households, and higher Taxes on Banks and Business. This is the policy I have adopted, and wish that Government leadership would do the same.

I would go totally Socialist, to the befuddlement of no one, and pass legislation into law which states that all Corporate salaries and benefits must be tied to the Employment numbers. The law would simply state that if the Unemployment is higher, the Corporate leadership Salaries and Benefits must be lower by the same percentage. There is no attempt to impose a much higher taxation, just Jail time if the law is not maintained. One would need a base year from which to operate, and I would suggest the previous Employment High in the last Boom. And you people thought you knew how to build a totalitarian State. lgl

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