Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Politics of Leadership

Ordinary, or should I say little, people think there ought to be a direct line from Science to Production technique, without a necessary Run through the lobbyists. They write articles exactly like this one. They do not understand the major propellants behind all economic endeavors under an overpopulation. We have too many people to take care of, and too few resources to take care of them; and politicians who cannot withstand any drop in provision to any segment of the population which has access to public media. Leadership is always bombarded with outrage at lack of performance on any issue, and the use of inferior materials is always preferred over informed Science when there is a unavoidable delay in provision. Bad despersants are chosen over no despersants, and bad production is chosen over no production; especially were there is a loss of publicized labor. Such concepts of overgrazing of federal lands finds counter with estimates of price increases in Meat, and higher prices for bulk Wool. The mechanics of overpopulation Politics become Bread and Circuses even in the most intelligent environments.

Another reason for leadership failure comes from the existence of antagonist propaganda, as is discussed here. The main point here is the Conflict opinion to arouse Readers, it giving a high advantage because of the entertainment value; it equally being of poor performance in evaluation capacity. The real damage to leadership comes in the presence of countervailing disinformation to be utilized in opposition to leadership; information which has not been vetted, and consists of very inferior quality. Leadership finds itself compelled to defend every position taken, even when it is obvious such positions had to be taken.

The desire for esteem may be the final component within the matrix. It is not the desire, but the position which becomes important. Choice is propelled by desire, but achievement insists on new and daring proposals. A new arena must be created, with a different Take on the information, so that a fresh outlook is expressed. This only brings confusion to the leadership role, who must now assign gradients of value to leadership choice. Rancor and opposition is aroused through the simple act of making a decision, which is of no value to Anyone. One has to adjust priorities in the first place, but placate injured feelings in the second place, simply to establish any policy upheld by Consensus. lgl

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