Thursday, July 29, 2010

National Health Care

I do not like the tone of this article, but like some of the information in it. It becomes obvious there remains an overuse of both medical facilities and drug proscriptions. I favor a national health care system, but one where there are serious restriction of patient demand for services. The best Option for a sensible plan is one which insists the any Patient or Household parent must have paid 8% of the previous year’s registered Income of themselves in medical service expense before government contribution, double that amount with two contributing Incomes. Proscriptions will be treated separately, with a necessary expenditure of more than 1% per month of previous year’s Income before government contribution, multiplying by the number of contributory Incomes in the Household.

There will be some who question my settlement on 8% of previous Income, when health care Costs are effectively higher. This is foretold by the relative statistical amount of Income utilized prior to the advent of Medicare and Medicaid. We get the American Households back to paying the traditional amounts for medical care first, then We turn to control of the entire health care system; one which shows excessive economic Profits to the benefit of no one. We will let the traditional Conservatives still purchase health insurance, but allow them only 4% against the amount due for the registered Income through such premiums for health insurance. This means they must still prove a full 4% loss of Income directly from medical service Cost before any national health insurance benefit will be granted.

This may seem like a wildly inappropriate health program to Some. It must be recognized, though, that this lands medical Costs squarely in the Patient corner. No one will achieve an appreciable advantage by alternate source of financing health care services from government activity, and it makes national health care insurance a viable concern. It will also present great pressure on the health care industry to economize on their medical provision, and hold down Costs; as every major medical treatment will require negotiation with Government-controlled evaluation of the real Cost of medical procedures. I hold this to be the only method to bring the health care industry into viable integration with the rest of the economy. lgl

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Mike Mathea said...

George, missing one point. The study is Doctor Office visits. My wife and I cut our visits from 11 to 9 last year because we went to the local food store clinic for flu shots.
Besides saving time the cost was lower. The doc charges $35 and the store clinic $20.