Sunday, June 26, 2005

Our Workplace
Attack Trends
Counterpane Internet Security Inc.

A Beginner's Read for understanding what is happening on the Internet. Worms that Google to find proper targets, Black Internet markets which buy and sell Security penetration skills and programs, and even PackageWare to obtain Credit Card numbers with terminal access to the processing Computer. The World is changing, and Hackers are out for your money now.

The new Series of Worms use regular Web visits to picked Sites to define which Spammers will be offered your Web address. New Viruses infect and record Web address traffic on a Computer for a specific time period, before moving the infection outward to those addresses in a package dispatch, then attacking your central processor. New Feedback Worms record and transmit all Steps used by Security programs to contain and eliminate Viruses. A Salvadoran Worm known to this Author effects Terminal access authorization for the originating Computer from the penetrated system through an email message attachment.

New Security procedures will forever alter the nature of the Internet. The Computer of the future will operate only from Hard-Burn Cards, which must be physically implanted in the system--like CDs or DVDs. All Download materials will be Read-Only without possibility of operating code instructions expanding beyond the quarantine area. lgl


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