Monday, June 27, 2005

Reading List

Some Contributors to started discussing the ownership of Books, and which were the most important. This Author thought he might want to play, but not for the reasons normally thought. Later Generations might be able to utilize a Bibliography of some excellent Works since fallen from Reading lists:

Second Revised Edition,
B.H. Liddell Hart
Hart was one of the great military historians, and explains Strategy in terms of development, implementation, and effect. Economists often fail because they fail to define the elements of strategy in economic performance, and the potential success or failure of the utilized strategy.
THE ANVIL OF WAR: German Generalship in Defense on the Eastern Front
Editor: Peter G. Tsouras
Another military history, but Why? A business leadership with a crumbling Production line because of supplanting technology of Competition does not need to ask.
Schaum's Outline Series
Theory and Problems of
Edward T. Dowling
Outdated volume for the current Age, but reference to such a Problem set book teaches the art of Model construction.
Taylor and Gilligan, 1985
Again a dated volume, but the Author is acquainted with it. It still supplies answers occasionally, but the Author suggests younger Students could find a much newer similar Work.
By Leon Uris
Teaches the evil of oppression, and the need to oppose it.
The Author does not mean to confuse the Readers. He never uses any of this stuff. lgl

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