Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Socialized Medicine

Paying a Premium: The Added Cost of
Care for the Uninsured
Families USA Publication No. 05-101
© 2005 by Families USA Foundation

Nearly 48 million Americans will be uninsured for the entire year in 2005.
More than one-third (35
percent) of the total cost of health care services provided to people without
health insurance is paid out-of-pocket by the uninsured themselves.

Through this study, we found that the
remaining $43 billion is primarily paid by two sources: Roughly one-third is
reimbursed by a number of government programs, and two-thirds is paid
through higher premiums for people with health insurance

The Report is a relatively quick and easy Read, which especially Employers should study. It clearly outlines the reality that the Market system does not equitably balance Health Care among Those who need it in this Country. Study of the Premium rates current to 2005 indicate such a balance could never be achieved. The Study states Economists believe that between $65-130 billion is annually lost in Productivity because of lack of health care insurance. A Government-sponsored inclusive health care program is needed.

Governments, though, never do anything right! The Author, therefore, thinks any socialized Medical program should be as decentralized as possible. His Solution proposes each individual State organize its own medical program for all residents of the State. Ordinary medical Costs would be borne by State taxation--equal payment by State businesses and individual Taxpayers. Extraordinary Medical Costs would be borne by the Federal Government, upon Certification of the Medical program of each State. The Later Medical Costs should consist of all Surgeries,chemotherapys, expensive Testing procedures, and complex medical treatments. The Federal Government can thereby regulate the placement and number of treating facilities in each area.

This would be an inclusive, encompassing Health Care system, with all other Government-sponsored medical programs (Medicare, Medicaid, etc) being phased out when States receive Certification for their programs. lgl

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