Tuesday, May 09, 2006


The translation of the Iranian Letter has been provided by the NYTimes by way of United Nations provision. Both the Iranian and American President resorted solely to Party line construction for both the Letter and the American response. Neither advanced any initiative to better Relations between the two Countries, or presented any Plan for the solution of any of the Problems involved. The only element change was to incite Speculation in the Oil markets, probably the real Intent of both Presidents.

Concerned Citizens should provide the Iranian President with historical evidence that the Holecaust did occur, this Author grew up being cared for by two Displaced Persons who were Survivors of Auschwitz. The Iranian President also makes contradictory statements, first admitting that Conquests take place, then trying to deny that Israel should exist: Palestinians first left Israel voluntarily, not through force, then the Israeli Armies defeated any number of neighboring Islamic nations successively to maintain their national sovereignity. A belief in the practice of Conquest accepted, so must be the existence of Israel in fact. The national leader rants the stale claim that Palestinians should have their land back, after the Israeli nation has increased the Capital worth of the land by a estimate factor of 22 times since the Palestinians held it. His rant against Israeli violence totally ignores the element of Palestinian terrorism against Israeli citizens from the beginning.

Our American President also brings consternation to the hearts of most Americans, already undergoing a four-Year War with over 2600 American Dead without either Goal definition or End in signt. Another military altercation will induce insufficient military assets, which lack occurs mainly due to the current Administration refusal to raise adequate military levies, or provide the base level weaponry necessary for the type of Combat to be faced. The American President, under these conditions, replys to the Iranian Letter in the manner most calculated to insult Iranian national sentiment and the Islamic World.

The only serenity Americans can enjoy lies in the knowledge the Iranians will not stop the flow of Oil, as long as the Price of Oil is high. The Iranian President seeks recognition in the world of Islam, and the American President desires Popular Support by his Cowboy posturing in the face of foreign complaint of American behavior. The trouble comes from the fact that neither the American people or the Islamic World gains anything from this, except for higher Living Costs and delays of national goals. lgl

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