Monday, May 01, 2006

Social Engineering

There once was a time when Social Engineering defined attempts to improve Social institutions for idealistic or moral value Ends. Today it defines Computer Hacking through human fraud. Read the above Link to get the latest Terms and Means through which this is conducted. The Author will make only one Comment on this aspect: Legitimate Business has relatively little need to update Personal Information data, what Information they lack can always be acquired from the multiplex Copies they make from your initial provision of data. Anyone who asks for more than your Personal Address or Personal Phone Number is Dumpster Diving.

The Paper may be unduly threatening in outlook, though. Security concerms can led to paranoia. Organizations can lock themselves in a self-made prison where Workload can be impeded by extreme layering of Security levels for Information. Workers continually halt because they need a Superior's clearance. Latest Stats indicate some 3.1% of American Households endured some form of Internet fraud in 2004, it is true; but Internet Servor security systems is bringing this Number down (I hope). The sophistication of Servor Security measures is supposed to "Tag and Ticket' Offenders through illegitimate usage of listed Tag words in emails, and several other measures. Hackers, today, must pass an unwritten Qualification testing; and, if they cannot themselves achieve the skill levels of Programmers, then they lose the Game. lgl

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