Saturday, May 13, 2006

Who Me?

This Author faced some accusations since yesterday's Posting stating I was trying to set Prices by my sliding Gas Tax of 100% over a baseline of $2/gallon. It seems like I may have baseballed my Readership--the practice of not providing the necessary underpinning of my argument, so that the entirety was misconstrued. One should consider my verbal forays into the mystical, before they complain of the later Post. Anyway, here is my reasoning on the Gas Tax.

1) Never did I consider elimination of normal Tax reduction for encountered Costs.
2) Never did I imply curtailing normal business Profits at the Retail level. I would suggest allowing normal Profits accurring to this Retail level equivalent to a Gas price between $1.90-$2.
3) The beauty of this Gas Tax is it allows shift of liability backwards to the Distributor, Wholesaler, Refiner, potential Importer, and finally Oil Producer. Each would be given the same consideration as at the Retail level, except for the normal reduction in Gas Cost per gallon, always allowing for normal Tax reduction for encountered Costs.

The beauty of this Gas Tax, with the allowed reduction at each level for Costs, compensates for all Inflationary Costs except for the base fuel Cost. Computation of the Tax impact allows for normal increase in Profits due to outside inflationary Costs except for the fuel. It fulfills all the goals as estimated in the last Posting, but does not allow for Windfall Profits propelled by provision of the Product itself. lgl

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