Monday, May 08, 2006

Iranian Letter

The content of the Iranian Letter is as yet unknown to the Public, but it brings contemplation of the possible scenarios which this first step in diplomacy could engender. Several venues may possibly open, and for the purpose of diplomatic courtesy, a quick response should be rendered. Belligerience in the Letter need not be answered by corresponding rheturic. The Bush administration must above all, send a message of reasonable initiative.

This Author would suggest an international forum, now that Iran has expressed a Right to withdraw from the current Nuclear Proliferation Treaty, based on the sovereign national interests of the Nations involved. I would call for a International forum and Treaty on Nuclear Waste issues, calling for a specific set of Interest resolutions. A good starting point would be the following:

1) Ban on any nuclear development project without a projected Nuclear Waste Schedule Study.
2) The Study must clearly outline the total amount of nuclear waste which the Project is estimated to produce per year by separate levels of radioactivity, the planned methodology for storage of such nuclear wastes, and the Costs of such confinement in Storage facilities.
3) The forum and Treaty should discuss and set Standards mandatory on all Parties for the safe management of nuclear facilities, and the Nuclear waste management necessary for their operation.
4) The Nuclear Waste Treaty should include the Provision that the International Community be granted the Right to intervene to forestall unsafe operation at any level from nuclear Research, nuclear plant management, to nuclear waste storage.
5) International intervention by the International Community could take any form up to and including International assumption of control of said nuclear facilities.
6) The Treaty would outline a methodology by which nuclear development can be forbidden by the International Community, if the Nuclear Waste Schedule Study is deemed insufficient to protect the National or International Communities from contamination. lgl

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