Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Fixed Fee Health Care

Wisconsin Senate tries a Big Brother approach to Health Care, and the WSJ issues a sharp Critique of the issued legislation. No one seems actually serious about the passage of the legislation, it assumed to be readily defeated in its present form. The Intent of the Sponsors being only the start of a political debate for Campaign season, Opponents intent only on establishing their Health Care positions early. This is practically issuing a Challenge to Me, as I can say something stupid about almost anything. So I will present my version of an effective Health Care law.

I will first give it a fancy title: the Fixed Fee Health Care law. The basic underpinning of this Act or Law asserts Government activity should not underwrite any Occupation or industry. Any Government payment system is obviously a Welfare system for the Employees of the industry. The first thing to be categorically stated under such circumstance is that Wage rates should be set by the Payer, not the Payee. Here goes with my Fixed Fee Health Care:

1) Doctors, Dentists, Clinics, and Hospitals are limited to a set Fee per Visit or Day.
2) Doctors’ Fee will equal a per-Patient level where 12-14 Patients per Day, or 65 Patients per Week, will gain them a yearly Income equivalent to the Average for a tenured University Ph.D Professor ( utilized solely because of relative equivalence of Academic study).
3) All Government payment for Medical equipment, Drugs, or supplies will be made on the basis of Production Cost plus 12%, largesse of Profits will be totally dependent upon level of provision of effective care to Patients.
4) Here is where I stick in the knife: No American Citizen (this term is literal, with application to the Immigrant problem in this Country) can be charged a higher Price for any medical treatment, Drug, or medical equipment above the Prices paid by the Government Health Care system.
5) Cost of the Fixed Fee Health Care system will be paid by a Carbon Tax adjusted from the Charge of $1 per gallon Carbon tax on diesel fuel emissions; all Carbon taxes based on a Dollar Cost per constant level of Carbon emission.

My Package may seem as fanciful as the Wisconsin Senate Daydreaming, but it at least has a capability of being implemented. It insists on actual effort output by Health Care personnel, the Health Care sector can be brought inline with other professional services by carefully crafted Clinic and Hospital charges per Patient, and presents a method of Payment for Health Care. Business Profits will be maintained, but Government involvement will insist on limitation of those Profit levels. It is somewhat rationale and sensible, I amaze myself sometimes, but needs to be passed into law with relatively little revision; else We are back where We started. lgl

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Ken Houghton said...

You probably need to adjust for Specialists, who (1) shouldn't be paid by volume and (2) must continue study past their degree/internship to maintain their accreditation.

Otherwise, it's a start.