Monday, November 09, 2009

Baby, the Rain must fall!

This Opinion from Paul Krugman may tell Us more than We wish to Know. Politics today reminds me far more of the Times under the old Roman republic than ever before. The Oratory becomes more theatrical with every Speech, with Speakers more concerned with ratings than the effect of their words. The Crowds want Entertainment and Food, with little concentration on Content. Fox Channel outright advances Lies, but all other News outlets do is try to compete in the misinterpretations. What is killing the Newspapers in this Country is their disinclination to follow the Pack. Slander has become the common fare which no one can do without, and any viability of an Opponent’s position must be denied. All Sides of any Issue associate their Opposition with the Atrocities and Mass Murderers of the Past, never granting the other Side of any growth of Thought or Consideration. The end-result will probably bring Us the same society as those societies which produced the horrors which We use as Conversational allegations. Why do We do this to Ourselves?

You can find the other major aspect of disaster for American society, the Food rather than the Circuses, which afflict our nation. This Piece outlines the provision of Health Care, and would lay full blame on the initial practice; but this is not the real deviant, with the progress of legislation being hidden. Provision of the original Plans would never have cost the huge Expenses which We see today. The first thing which should be recognized is that it is rarely the covered Patients who demand the expanded provision of health care. Special Interests drive the expansion of Coverage for Patients, this expansion always in the direction of expandable rising Costs, which assure healthy Profits to the health care Providers. Corporate entities are covered by health care; rarely is Anyone else! Mark would condemn Democrats for creation of this vast system; I would charge the Ones truly responsible, those who make the Profits from the system as it is.

The most improbable element of Our society rests on a very regressive taxation. Business Interests, who make the real Money, are lightly taxed; the rationale is that they create economic opportunity for Others. I would like to see what Jobs could be found which were created by Business getting a Pass on taxation. Business and economist say they are out there, but I find none which do not make the Business personnel more Money than the Labor elements. Clearing the way for Business leadership to make more Money may be of value to the economy, but Why does their advantage have to be so much larger than the amounts devoted to expansion of the economy? I am not being a Socialist here, but Why give any segment of Society a tax advantage, especially those which benefit the Recipients far more than Anyone else? Forbes proposed a flat tax at one time; I propose a progressive tax system without any tax advantages, Taxpayers paying the rate listed unless Income loss can be proven. What is Right, What is Wrong, and Why should We care in the first place? Booms only become Bubbles, Recessions always follow Bubbles, and Labor always has to pay the Price. lgl

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