Thursday, November 26, 2009

I hate these Birds

I hate the Bird, so I ate Ham instead. Does that make me a Big Ham? Canadians have always had enough on their plate that they didn’t have to pursue the cheap meat before; I pity them. Canadians used to Shoot their Thanksgiving dinner, as did Americans at one time. Our neighbors may be following in our Footsteps, even changing the date of their Holiday. I would like to say that they are not imitating Us in Unemployment, but I believe the News is bad. We must all hope for a better coming year, but of all the data, I think the 3rd Quarter numbers are the anomaly. You should call your own personal investment banker for information on Cooking, they have been cooking our bird for some time now!

Study the various aspects of this article. Banks will not lend under reasonable chance of failure, unless they face a Cost constraint; guess what people? Not-interest liquidity means there is not Cost constraint to failure to Lend, while the odds of reasonable chance of failure have not changed. The interesting aspect of it all consists of the fact that the Banks will offer no significant interest to Depositors, if they has an unlimited source of capital at lower interest than they would have to offer to Depositors. Here is where We find the interesting data, as about half of the population, and 75% of Set Incomes, utilize the simpler form of Bank deposits rather than the complexity of Equities. Those who utilize both have about half of their fortunes invested in Bank deposits, or instruments tied to them. It gets real interesting when We realize almost 17% of discretionary Spending for Consumption traditionally comes from interest from these deposits. When such Income is not present, then this Consumption is halved, and total Savings is drawn down. The no-interest policy is an impoverishment policy; designed specifically to lower the living standard of the poorest Americans, the Ones who have the least likelihood of regaining their purchasing power if lost.

How much of all this result has been planned? Everyone knows current economic and fiscal policy has been developed to lower the value of the American dollar. Some will not recognize this aspect translate into a lowering of the American standard of living. The most horrid aspect of the entire program is its Instigators hope to make immense wealth from the practice. It is noticeable in every Country in the World that the planned theft of the living standard of the Poor is always preceded by extreme efforts to improve the Security of the Wealthy–they fortifying their own residences, and hiring Security guards in abundance. Notice How almost all of the Wealthy advocate restrictions of Arms and Ammunition on the Public, except in the areas of Police and Private Security services. Are you sufficiently prosperous to live in a gated community with patrolling Guards? Happy Thanksgiving, and may your chauffeur be trained and armed with knowledge of security driving. lgl

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