Monday, November 30, 2009

For the Sellers of Gold Bricks

Here stands the wrong idea of How to enjoin more Labor Hires from a faltering economy. Everyone talks about spending Government money which neither the Credit market or Government possess at the moment. All economists, whether Liberal or Conservative, all talk about giving Advantage to someone, rather than a curtailment process. It is exactly the later process which will work under such situations as We find ourselves, and there should be discussion of alternate means. I suggest a primary flat tax of $200 on every Employee who cannot prove a liability of an outside transportation Vender over the continuous period of the Tax Year. It would cut domestic imports of Oil, increase the number of domestic transport Venders, and actually increase the Take-Home Pay of Employees; to say nothing of an increase in Vender employment. Car-Pooling with a Vengeance!

Consumers are not yet ready to spend the level of Cash necessary for Job proliferation. The Government needs to do something about that. Business is not going to do anything with Tax Credits, except feed their own Incomes. I would suggest passage of a new federal law mandating a Severance Pay of a Month’s salary to any Laid-Off or Downsized employee. I would add another lovely procedural detail of canceling any Income tax on previous Income in the Tax year for the employee with Tax rebate, if the Employee pays no further Income tax within the Tax year. It retains the Income for a Consumption pattern, even if spent only on Necessities.

Read this article and reach the understanding that no one, not Bernanke, Bank, or Mutual Funds are attempting any rescue of the Consumer. I would call for a further federal law which would insist that a minimum of 4% Interest must be paid for any Deposit made in an financial institution, and a mutual fund cannot not maintain license absorb Investment funds if it does not furnish a 4% Return on its investments. Failure to accomplish this level of performance will lead to Bank Auditors sequestration of all Accounts for repayment of all Investors. The Whole level of activity on the part of the federal government should be to sustain normal Consumption patterns within the economy. Would the entirety of legislation also have some impact on the lending practices of all Parties and Counterparties? lgl

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