Saturday, November 07, 2009

Real Aid--Is that like Farm Aid?

Ever wonder if you and your collaborator were on the same page? It is not an unusual occurrence. There is the old Saying that British and Americans were separated by a common language. You will here find another one of those used terms which no one can define. Can anything be accomplished if there is profound misinterpretation? The later concept is also open for definition. How far off the mark does a phrase have to be to fulfill the term? The World is filled with ethereal elements, almost all composed of language difficulties. Academics should attempt precision, but how can it be done without a syllabus? I don’t want to harp on this topic, but the Reader will be confronted by this difficulty as he entered into the real world of productive activity.

Unemployment is another term which has serious need of definition. David Leonhardt explores the differences in Unemployment in this Recession from earlier Times. The real Culprit this time consists of the lack of Re-Hires. Average Hourly Wage still advances at the same approximate rate as nominal Inflation–another term very much in need of definition. Those with Jobs possess a relative high degree of Job security, at least until their specific Job projects come to an end. There is much discussion of chronic unemployment in the article, though there is a obvious hole in lack of discussion of specific sector losses; it is my belief that Raw Materials employment, Construction, and Middleman clerical positions has made up the bulk of chronic Unemployment. This does not bode well for Recovery, as here much employment depends upon previous relationship between Supervisor and Worker traveling together to the new Project. A discontinuance of this relationship over a sustained Period leads to new formed relationships based upon the Workers being new entrants into the labor force, with high capacity for Training. Employment here will probably require retraining into new positions, with competition with younger, hardier Labor–always a Strike against Labor when experience is discounted.

Obama will attempt to spur Employment with the traditional means of Business Tax credits and spending on federal infrastructure. I wonder when Someone will notice this has led to 3.5 million having lost their Jobs since he took Office, even after all the previous incentives to Hire labor. The Great Plan has lost Us 7 million Jobs since the Recession started. I propose instead the Pothole Law, which simply authorizes all City Maintenance Departments to hire Minimum Wage labor to resurface City Streets; all to be done with Shovel spread and Machine compaction. Top end of labor employed–a potential 7 million Employed working on every City street in the Country; all continued until We have a Boom again, or no more Potholes. Direct, forceful, and Cheap; the City Maintenance to act as Supervision and Timekeepers; and it is a open source of Income for the Unemployed. Everyone will be given ample opportunity to seek alternate Employment, and the state of life in America improves. Don’t overwrite the process, simply get Aid to the suffering Employment rolls. I estimate the Cost will be no more than a $100 billion per year with a guarantee that the Treasury will pay the Cities promptly without extensive paperwork, and all will surely be directly devoted to Consumption Dollars. It seems a lot better than some Corporation getting another Tax Credit. lgl

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