Monday, December 21, 2009

Heresy for Today

A number of Papers in this Country have mentioned the increase of Temporary Help. This would seem to be good, but read this article. Temporary labor seems to be cheaper, as it requires few benefits and is left to suffer the rigors of economic life on their own. Temps have to adjust their own lifestyle to meet the difficulties, and are often dumped without recourse after job completion. This is true both internally and externally. Foreign export of labor often turns permanent, while Temporary labor often looks for more Work in the area where they has been previously assigned, knowing that Jobs were hard to find at home. Mexican labor often thinks to simply cross the river to find a good-paying Job for a season or two, but rarely return home. Labor has been notorious for leading the migration of peoples, and cultural clash becomes turmoil. A lot of this is actually a good thing, as it leads to toleration between people. Most of it, though, destroys the roots of labor gains hard fought for through the years. The loss of power from Unions comes not from the contempt shown to them by Business, but the rapid redeployment of resources elsewhere when Wages and Benefits exceed what Business desires to pay. It is exactly this effect which must be canceled, if We do not wish to return to a status of unprotected labor; the underlying causation for the destruction of the middle class.

The plight of the Foreigner might be expressed better in watching the money. This article on the latest financial crisis is instructive: domestic funds get greater support and protection than do foreign funds, even though the individual Depositor have little chance of controlling the management of their monies by bankers. The higher Returns from foreign investment provide well for Bank and banker, without Depositor gain from the exportation. Both Bank and banker keep these gains under financial crisis, while Depositors are left to take the losses of whatever magnitude. Few are the Calls for expatriate protection of investors, when there was never a judgement made by investor for exporting their funds. The World-wide Market still needs major work, and the failure to produce such efforts are as fundamental a cause of the current crisis as any other thing.

Arnold Kling always comes up with an appropriate Piece to explain the situation, when I need one. One of the greatest temptations is to use Inflation to reduce the burden of national debt. Business leadership would far rather utilize this instrument, because it also eases their own debt obligations under a consistently underperforming Tax rate. No one ever discusses the fact that Inflation destroys the value of past Wages far faster than it reduces national debt, and that Labor is pushed closer to the Poverty Line. The middle class is placed on the Endangered Species list from such practice, and old Wealth finds it impossible to maintain their previous lifestyle. Seniors may be the hardest hit by such inflationary practice, as hard aggregation of retirement funds is never sufficient for the maintenance of life desired. It could possibly be far cheaper to raise real taxes by 2%. lgl

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