Sunday, December 06, 2009

How you do things!

Review this information, then ask a series of Questions:

Is there anything in the data which suggests a predictable replacement of the Jobs lost in March?
The flow of Unemployment increase has not stopped, though it has slowed; can We expect any Job recovery before Government stimulus loses its Time frame?
How many months will it take to replace the Job loss if Recovery only averages 25k Jobs per year?
What are the Odds that We will run into our next Recession before We achieve full Job recovery?
Can We obtain the necessary funds for continued Stimulus, if We refuse to increase Interest rates?
Could the extension of reduced Taxes actually restrict our ability to fund Stimulus?
There are Economists, even besides myself, who believe that long-term recovery will require a reduction in the Cost of resources, while maintaining a constancy of Cost in Consumption; can this be accomplished with a curtailment of Government expenditures?

None of these Questions are yet answered, but might have to be clarified before there is any economic recovery.

Read this article, and then ask how realistic it may be in the long-run. All Steps We take in Conservation will require huge amounts of capital, almost all of which has been aggregated for other economic purposes. The real Truth is that it is cheaper to build Clean from Scratch, rather than to try to amend any economic process. The next Truth stands that Carbon reduction equipment requires high-Cost maintenance to ensure even its own standards, so that steady capitalization of such equipment is a Must; check out Chevron selling its praised New Guinea oil fields, large Corporations like to sell ideal, but non-Cost-effective Plant. Clean water often turns into Brown water hardly without Thought, yet no one examines neighborhood refreshing stations to purify water; there is little hope for additional Clean water without Cost-effective cleansing systems. Corporations will never get heavily involved in Conservation without efficient systems which do not detract from Corporate Profits and Payscales.

One may ask How the above paragraphs incorporate into a common thesis. Almost all Conservation efforts are labor-intensive, and there are few Consumption needs left unfilled for Consumers. Corporations are ever designing more Production technology which makes Production faster and cheaper, with less labor involved. Any advancement of Employment must inevitably come in the form of expansion of Conservation measures. The later will come only with a Pigovian tax system which taxes even favorable Goods for desired finance of Conservation concerns. I believe in a Weekly Drivers’ License which must be placed in the Windshield like some National Park Passes, costing a sensible fee for Conservation of Carbon and Oil products; with a whopping fine for no or out-of-date licenses. Toll Booths would be set up everywhere to sell these licenses. A fee of $2 per license would fund a lot of employment, properly tax heavy Emitters of Carbon, be in-line with normal Gas tank Fills, last sufficiently in time for Travelers, employ massive numbers in license sales and law enforcement to catch Violators, and be an adequate fund for highway construction and Conservation. lgl

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